Hypnotherapy for children

Are you concerned about your child?

As a parent myself, I know how upsetting it can be when your child is struggling and nothing seems to be working to improve the situation. It can leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

Hypnotherapy can be an effective way of helping children and young people cope better; building confidence, resilience and essential life skills.

Underlying many conditions is an overload of stress and anxiety. If left unchecked, this can become evident in certain behaviours.

Maybe your child is having difficulty regulating their emotions.


Anxiety can build up over time and then spill out in explosive ways. In my hypnotherapy sessions I use the metaphor of a full ‘stress bucket’ which can sometimes overflow.

Key to gaining more control over our emotions and actions is to reduce stress and focus more on the positives and solutions to problems. When we continue to feel more relaxed and calm in our everyday lives; our ‘stress buckets’ begin to empty, so that catastrophic thinking and irrational behaviours can be avoided.

Children who are defiant and oppositional may be suffering from heightened anxiety.


Disrupted or insufficient sleep

When our sleep cycles are interrupted or we are lacking in sleep it has a direct effect on our reactions and behaviour. This can be particularly challenging to deal with in children and affect their ability to cope and do well at school.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help your child reduce the stress and anxiety which are often the underlying causes of changes in sleep patterns. As your child becomes calmer and more in control they will gain the confidence needed to cope better and maintain a positive outlook.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD

OCD in children can manifest itself in various ways; from fear of germs to obsessive rituals such as checking and rechecking doors are locked and even intrusive thoughts.


Hypnotherapy addresses the underlying anxiety behind obsessive and compulsive behaviours. The aim is to get your child back on track so that they are more in control and can fully embrace the things they love doing.

Nail biting and hair pulling

Hypnotherapy can be very helpful in breaking down harmful behavioural patterns and behaviours; replacing them with new ways of behaving that promote relaxation and wellbeing.


By addressing anxiety hypnotherapy can help overcome these issues and much more.

The good news is hypnotherapy can be very effective in lowering stress levels in children. I have helped children and young people overcome low confidence, low self-esteem and other issues that have been holding them back. They go on to do be brave, happy and confident in their own abilities; fully able to embrace opportunities.

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Looking to feel more fulfilled in life?

 Are you looking to find more fulfilment in life?

Maybe your children have left home and you are in the process of redefining your role and goals; exploring what makes you tick now you have more time to devote to yourself?

Going through life changes can be challenging and leave us feeling ‘at sea’ as we adjust to these changes and seek to feel comfortable and able to move forward with confidence.

This period in our lives could feel like a ‘mid life crisis’. Hypnotherapy can help you feel calm, confident and in control as you navigate through these challenges so that this transition can be experienced as positive and enriching.

 Struggling through the menopause? Hypnotherapy can help alleviate the symptoms of hormonal changes.

Middle age can also bring physical challenges as women’s bodies go through hormonal changes. Many women put up with associated symptoms which include hot flushes, mood swings and disturbed sleep patterns. Hypnotherapy can help you effectively deal with these changes so that the symptoms are reduced and you can continue to enjoy life and feel confident.

Research carried out by The North American Menopause Society concludes there is solid evidence that hypnotherapy is beneficial for the treatment of menopause.


Maybe anxiety is gnawing away at you as you struggle to cope with everyday life?

Anxiety can be caused by events or it can build up gradually if we experience stress for long periods. When we reflect on the past or forecast future events in a negative way we cause our stress levels to rise. We may then find that we respond with excessive anger and frustration to minor irritations which can even prove to be the ‘last straw’ which leaves us floundering.

Hypnotherapy helps alleviate the stress which is the root cause of anxiety.


I practise Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which doesn’t delve into the past. My approach is all about working from where you are now and moving forward in a positive way that builds confidence and helps you make positive changes in your life.

Do you need a new sense of direction?

Having a sense of purpose leads you to greater contentment and happiness.


When your role in life shifts it can leave you feeling empty and uncertain. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can facilitate your quest to find what will inspire and fulfil you. The next step is to build your confidence and self-esteem so that you can take positive action to enjoy each day as you work towards realising your goals. With this comes a sense of meaning and purpose. When you are fully committed to change you will reap the benefits; feeling happy and inspiring others to do the same!

At Emma Victoria Hypnotherapy I offer a FREE Initial Consultation where you can meet me and find out more about what I do. It will also give me the opportunity to understand where you are in your life right now and what you would like to achieve. So that you can be the wonderful, vibrant person that you truly are!

There may be something else that you, or someone you might know, is struggling with at the moment. Give me a call 07550098029 to discuss in the strictest confidence.

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Take positive steps, now, to feel calmer, happier and more in control.

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Life becoming too much of a juggling act?

Is life becoming too much of a juggling act?

Are you seeking a better balance between your work life and family commitments?

Do you feel like you are juggling too many tasks at once? Are you beginning to wonder if you can cope?  This can lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed and raises your stress levels so that you may start to experience anxiety related issues like panic attacks, eating disorders, weight management, insomnia, IBS, OCD and difficulty in your relationships.

Stress Overload

You are not alone. In today’s fast moving world I see many clients who are suffering from stress overload and want to feel more relaxed, calm and in control.

At Emma Victoria Hypnotherapy www.emmavictoriahypnotherapy.co.uk I have helped many people, from all walks of life, understand why they are struggling. With dedication and a real motivation to change I have helped clients adopt a healthier outlook, change unhelpful behavioural patterns and achieve greater balance and a feeling of being ‘back on track’.

When you feel more relaxed and in control it will become easier to manage your time effectively. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a modern approach to positive change which can help you build self-confidence and a positive perspective which, in turn, helps you make sound choices which are helpful and make you feel good about yourself.


Maybe you are experiencing difficulty in your relationships and trying to balance work commitments with spending time with your partner and family?


Managing different aspects of your life more effectively will enhance your relationships with others and, most importantly, yourself.

Low self-esteem

Recognising what is helpful for you and building on this develops self-esteem and the ability to really care for yourself. You are then in a position to change unhelpful behaviours which may take the form of eating disorders, fears and addictions.

Hypnotherapy can help you adopt positive behaviours so that you can live your life in a way that resonates with your values and explore your true potential.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Did you know that IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is stress related and affects 1 in 5 people?


Research shows that hypnotherapy can be an effective treatment and is recognised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Not only can hypnotherapy help you manage the symptoms of IBS; it can also have a more wide reaching positive impact on your life where  your overall sense of happiness and wellbeing increases.


Perhaps you are struggling with fertility issues. Being in a calm, relaxed state increases your chances of increasing both naturally and with fertility treatment. Hypnotherapy can help you achieve a successful outcome.


Research suggests there is clinical proof that hypnotherapy can assist women with fertility issues. The link between mind and body is an important factor when dealing with infertility. Hypnotherapy can be a very useful tool for couples who are experiencing difficulty conceiving.

Obsessional Compulsive Disorder

Are obsessive behavioural patterns taking up too much of your time and energy, effecting your daily life and preventing you from spending more time doing the things you really enjoy?  I have helped clients with OCD gain a more balanced perspective and change their behaviours so they have more time to relax, feel at ease and do what they love!




















Welcome to my new website

 Are you ready to embrace a brighter future ?

Welcome to Emma Victoria Hypnotherapy. I practise Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which can help you overcome issues and concerns you may be dealing with so that you can move forward in a positive way.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I have helped many people to approach their lives in a more relaxed, confident and motivated way. The rewards have been great; wonderful results for my Clients and incredibly rewarding for me to be a part of their journey towards greater happiness and success.

Welcome in the spring; outside and within

The joys of Spring

Beautiful snowdrops are pushing their way up through the soil and lacing the countryside and gardens with delicate speckles of white. Spring is just around the corner. A time of growth and change.

When you are struggling with issues in your life making changes can seem like a daunting task. The graceful snowdrop arises from a small bulb beneath the ground. This doesn’t happen all at once. It grows slowly and steadily, day by day, strengthening its stem so that it can eventually unfurl into its full beauty. All the while it is drawing on its resources hidden beneath the ground to support its growth and facilitate these changes.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy encourages you to take the first small steps towards change and growth and reminds you of your own strengths and inner resources. Recognising and building on these strengths will empower you and enable positive change to take root and grow.

Are you ready to begin the process of changing your life for the better ? Do you feel stuck and unable to progress in the way you would like ? You are not alone. Many of my Clients turn to Hypnotherapy when they are at this point in their lives and now find themselves achieving things that they previously thought impossible.

You too can begin this wonderful process by booking yourself in for a FREE Initial Consultation where you can meet me and we will begin to explore where you would like to be in the future and how we can help you to achieve the positive outcomes you have in mind.