Do you need a Spring clean?

Do you need a spring clean?

Did you know February is named after the purification ritual ‘Februa’;  an old Roman spring cleaning festival.

Are YOU ready for a spring clean? Does your mind feel cluttered and leave you with a feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to focus. Maybe your home is a mess and this is bogging you down, holding you back. Are you living in the past?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy does not involve delving into the past and sifting through what has been. It is about embracing the ‘now’ and moving on in a positive way. Many clients report that they are de-cluttering and rearranging their living space after just a few sessions of hypnotherapy. Such positive action can perpetuate many more benefits that promote well-being:

Are you just ‘keeping your head above water’?

A more obscure fact is that February is only mentioned in one of Shakespeare’s plays; ‘Much Ado about Nothing’.

When we are overwhelmed and just ‘surviving’; getting by, we can scatter our energy and lose focus. Excess and/or prolonged stress can drain us emotionally and deplete our motivation and sense of excitement about the future. Negative’ overthinking’, when viewed from a healthier, positive viewpoint, can be seen as a lot of fuss over nothing. Most of the things we negatively forecast don’t ever happen! Making mountains out of molehills is exhausting and only serves to perpetuate stressful thoughts and feelings! It just doesn’t make sense. Hypnotherapy can help you break free of unhelpful thought patterns, redirecting your thinking towards taking positive action and focussing efforts on activities which are beneficial and self-affirming. Again, the benefits of changing your thinking in a positive way are far reaching.

Do you have healthy self-love?

Not forgetting the notion of romantic love celebrated on St. Valentine’s day, especially pertinent to couples but also those who are single. I like the idea I heard recently of a group of single friends getting together and celebrating their friendship. This included writing little notes about specific things they loved about each other and small thoughtful gifts as tokens of their appreciation. This notion could be extended further to the love shared by carers and children, family members, colleagues and even humans and pets! Remembering and celebrating our positive connections and interactions with others is good for our mental and emotional health.

What is, perhaps, the most important relationship we will ever have?  The relationship we have with ourselves. What is your self-talk like? Is it positive, supportive, encouraging and loving? A good measure of this is to compare how you treat yourself to how you would behave towards a good friend? Are they very different? Is it time for you to reassess your automatic responses and make positive changes? Click on the link to find some useful tips to help you develop more self-compassion and enjoy the benefits of reduced stress and increased productivity:

Negative self-speak is common when we experience high anxiety, anger or depression. If our stress levels are too high we can engage in black and white thinking; catastrophizing events in our lives and being oblivious to the wider picture and a more rational way of seeing things.

Maybe you are struggling to break free from negative thinking and self-sabotage. Hypnotherapy can help you develop the ability to manage stress, overcome negative thinking and move forward with confidence and healthy self-esteem. I have helped many people tap into their innate strengths, capabilities and special qualities, also discovering new aspects of themselves as they realise their full potential, becoming the person they were meant to be!

Recognising that you might need some support and seeking it out is a step in the right direction. Discover your inner strengths and resources and become the confident, happier, healthier you!

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Prioritise your personal well-being! You deserve it!

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Emma Victoria Tranmer    MA  PGCE  DSFH  Clinical Hypnotherapist