Build your self-confidence

Hypnotherapy can help

How I built my self-confidence

Like most people, I have been tested by many challenges in my life. My self-confidence got knocked. I  had no choice but to dig deep, find inner strength and believe in myself.

For me; this didn’t happen overnight. In this way, it was a gradual process and required real commitment on my part. Looking for some support, I chose to try solution focused hypnotherapy.

I went on to learn about what was happening in my brain when I felt so anxious. I realised the ‘negative speak’ in my head wasn’t helping. Using hypnosis; I took steps to feel calmer and focus more on the positives.

 It was a breakthrough to discover I had the ability to be more in control of my thoughts and behaviours. As a consequence; my self-confidence got a big boost and the impact this has had on my life has been amazing.

Find your self-confidence

It is a big perk of my job to track my clients’ progress. Like my own story; this is often linked to low-confidence. Turning this around can free us up to achieve things we may not have thought possible before.

The exciting potentials within neuroplasticity

I am forever excited by neuroplasticity! In other words; this means we all have the potential to rewire our brains and change the way we think. All of us can therefore tap into this amazing ability. Because of this, we can begin to take responsibility for the way our brains work! Solution focused hypnotherapy can help us achieve this.

A little bit about me

Emma Victoria Tranmer MA (Hons) PGCE  HPD  DSFH  Member of the AfSFH Clinical Solution Hypnotherapist

I specialise in helping people overcome anxiety and stress related issues. Hypnotherapy transformed my life for the better and I subsequently enjoy helping others do the same. Working as a hypnotherapist is therefore incredibly rewarding.

My love of learning means I am always looking at ways to further my own professional development. Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues and I see clients with varied challenges like sports performance, addictions, phobias, disturbed sleep, panic attacks and depression.

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You can take positive steps to help you attain a more hopeful perspective. Move forward in your life can become easier as a result. In addition, hypnotherapy can help you discover the tools and inner resources to do this; step by step.

Initial consultations

I offer an initial consultation where you can meet me and find out more about what I do. This will also give me the opportunity to understand where you are in your life right now and what you would like to achieve. There is no charge for this.

There may be something else that you, or someone you might know, is struggling with right now. Give me a call on 07550 098029 to discuss in strictest confidence.



Emma Victoria Tranmer MA (Hons) PGCE DSFH AfSFH (Reg.) Clinical Hypnotherapist



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