Fertility- how hypnosis helped me

After struggling to get pregnant, I was then told having a baby was not a guarantee

After wondering why I wasn’t getting pregnant, I received the news that this could be a challenge. I was devastated. Like many women, I just assumed it would be easy and natural. My biggest conundrum had been mulling over how many children to have; whether they would be girls or boys.

Challenging times on my IVF journey

I eventually came to terms with my predicament and decided to start IVF (in vitro fertilisation) treatment. This took time and came with many stresses and demands. Hanging over all our emotional, physical and financial investment, was the higher than 50% likelihood that it wouldn’t work.

This was impacting on my mental health. I recognised that I was feeling increasingly despondent and anxious. Living in the leafy suburbs of Washington DC; there were constant reminders around me of women with babies.

Having worked as a primary school teacher, I was very attuned to the world of young children and the notion that I might not have my own child seemed like a cruel twist of fate. At times I felt angry, frustrated, and powerless.

Time to take more positive action!

In a bid to do something positive and get a sense of control back, I explored alternative therapies and went on to study Holistic Health at The Washington Institute of Natural Medicine.

I practised meditation techniques which I found incredibly beneficial and studied with some very interesting and upbeat Americans. The positive interaction was doing me the world of good and I was learning to feel calmer and more at peace in my own space at home. Studying kept my mind focused and gave me a sense of achievement as I completed my modules.

I was changing my brain chemistry and feeling so much better

As a practising hypnotherapist, I now know I was generating a healthy flow of the feel good hormones serotonin, oxytocin and serotonin. I was helping myself in a big way. The knock on effect meant I was spending less time in the fight/flight part of my brain which could be very unruly, running away with worrying thoughts like ‘what if I never get pregnant- how can I be truly  happy?’

I was successfully bypassing the painful emotions that would accompany these thoughts and instead; spending more time generating positive thoughts in the sensible, flexible, intellectual part of my brain.

Hypnobirthing and self-hypnosis

The results were subtle but powerful; I found myself looking into Hypnobirthing as I had read so many positive reviews and purchased some relaxation CDs focusing on a joyful pregnancy and birth. I was actually learning self-hypnosis, which can be very effective for getting the subconscious on board with what we want to achieve on a conscious level. This can be very powerful.

A successful pregnancy first time around

I went on to become pregnant after that first round of IVF. Studies show that women, when treated for depression increase their rate of achieving a viable pregnancy by 60%. Those left untreated achieved only a 24% rate.

Reducing my stress levels was beneficial for  fertility 

By taking action to reduce my stress levels, I was also achieving a healthy fertile state on a physical level. Prolonged periods of anxiety and stress can affect production of the hormones needed for ovulation, implantation and also sperm quality.

The stress hormone adrenaline can inhibit the production of progesterone, which builds and maintains the uterus lining. When women experience stress it can trigger higher levels of prolactin. This is produced naturally when breast feeding to prevent pregnancy at a time when her energies are needed for her baby. This can affect fertility levels when we actively want to conceive.

Getting myself into a good state of balance on every level

Being switched onto flight/fight mode for long periods can result in the sympathetic system becoming hyper-stimulated. This, in turn, reduces blood flow to the uterus and ovaries. Our bodies become more geared to escape danger, when we experience threat or stress, and so nurturing a foetus and caring for a baby could, from the perspective of the primitive mind, hinder survival.

How hypnotherapy can help

So the benefits of reducing stress were enormous, bringing my body, mind and feelings into a state of greater balance. As a clinical hypnotherapist, I now work with women who are looking to achieve this, either as part of their goal to achieve a viable pregnancy, or to feel calmer and more confident about giving birth.

A natural birth using the skills I had learnt

The double positive was that I also successfully achieved a natural and joyful birth. I had the confidence to fully embrace the birthing journey, again, not allowing my mind to run away with negative thoughts, and instead bringing my attention to feeling calm and trusting in my body’s natural abilities.

Having an incredibly supportive and encouraging midwife by my side was also a big bonus! My daughter’s heart beat remained calm throughout the birth and she is now blossoming as an individual on her own journey through adolescence.

If you are struggling with fertility, hypnotherapy can help

Maybe you have also been thrown a curve ball in relation to fertility and need to reset your thinking about the options available to you. Or you might be experiencing stress and anxiety around the challenges fertility issues can bring. I am happy to have a chat with you about how hypnotherapy can help. You can also book an initial consultation with me, to find out more.

A little bit about me

Emma Victoria Tranmer MA (Hons) PGCE HPD DSFH Member of the AfSFH, fully accredited Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.

I specialise in helping people overcome anxiety and stress related issues. Having undergone hypnotherapy myself , and seeing the amazing benefits it has brought for me, I enjoy helping others do the same. Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues and I see clients with varied challenges like fertility, addictions, phobias, disturbed sleep, panic attacks and depression.

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