Struggling to achieve your goals?

It started off so well

It’s a new year. Your intentions were so good. You had everything mapped out. You were ‘good to go’…. It worked for a while but then you hit a mental block and your motivation went out the window. Frustration can then set in. You are not alone. Research shows the majority of us (a staggering 80%) don’t achieve our new year’s goals.

Stepping out of our comfort zone

It is fantastic to have worthwhile goals and that accompanying sense of excitement and achievement as we work towards them. In the process, we begin to step out of our comfort zone; our state of being that we see as familiar and safe.

Stepping out of this zone can feel threatening, even though the changes are invariably good for us in the long term. These goals may be to eat more healthily, quit smoking or get more sleep.

Seeing the wider perspective

It is natural to experience some anxiety as we make changes. If we reframe this sense of discomfort, it could be seen as a sense of excitement and anticipation. By stepping back and looking at the wider perspective we can expand our comfort zone. Embracing change gives us the opportunity to develop new ways of thinking and behaving.

Changing isn’t always plain sailing

If you feel afraid at times, this can indicate that you are in the midst of changing. When I was studying and giving group presentations I was feeling the fear but doing it anyway. I was learning to feel confident and believe in my ability to give talks. When learning new ways of thinking and being we may stumble at times and default back to the old ways. There were times when I felt like running away!

It’s okay to make mistakes

It would be great if our progress was linear and straight forward, but that expectation can be unrealistic. Mistakes can offer fertile ground for greater learning, flexibility and compassion towards ourselves.

Keeping a realistic perspective is useful and hypnotherapy can help you achieve this. Giving talks is much easier for me now and, if something goes wrong, I can laugh about it and even turn it to my advantage.

Confidence is the key to success

You might be thinking; ‘well that’s easier said than done’. This is where confidence is crucial; to be confident in your ability to achieve your goals. Solution focused hypnotherapy helps you ‘walk the talk,’ taking practical steps towards making those goals happen.

Your confidence levels naturally increase as you focus on the positives, where you appreciate the progress you are making, however big or small. Hypnotherapy can help you be more receptive to change so that it becomes easier and you realise that the changes you’ve made are just what you do now.

Find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you

Recognising that you might need some support is a step in the right direction. Hypnotherapy can help you discover your inner strengths and resources. You can have the confidence to really achieve the goals you set for yourself and enjoy your achievements. Become the confident, healthier, happier you! Grow into the person you want to be and know you can be.

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