Hypnotherapy for heartbreak and loss

Are you finding it difficult to move on?

Spring brings growth and can symbolise hope. However, you may be feeling stuck in the past and unable to move on. This can make it difficult to envisage a bright future.

Having experienced a separation, I know how difficult it can feel to move on. It is possible to take steps to make the process of  divorce or separation easier.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can help you reduce your stress levels and feel calmer as you deal with major change. As a solution focused hypnotherapist, I offer a therapy that incorporates deep relaxation techniques, positive visualisation and a focus on finding solutions. This may involve viewing things from a different perspective so that some positives can be taken from negative experiences.

Seeing the positives 

Rather than focusing on your sense of loss, you might choose to consider what you have  gained; for example:

  • Learning from the experience and using this knowledge to have a clearer idea of a more suitable partner in the future.
  • Building resilience and the ability to deal with change.
  • Seeing opportunities in your new single status such as doing more of the things you enjoy, but may be didn’t get round to doing when you were in a relationship.
  • Devoting more time to yourself and maybe discover new things about yourself.
  • Taking time to identify personal goals and work towards them.

More about solution focused hypnotherapy

Solution focused hypnotherapy doesn’t involve delving into the past. The onus is therefore on where you are now in your life and moving forward. In line with this approach you are encouraged you to get on and take positive action towards achieving your goals. You can discover the tools to walk the talk and really make changes.

Although we can’t control everything in our lives; we do have control over how we respond to life’s challenges. Hypnotherapy helps you shift your perspective so that you become more aware of the positive aspects of living and can give you the confidence to see and embrace new opportunities. The result of this means you can begin to feel happier.

How does hypnosis work?

The hypnosis element of hypnotherapy encourages a deeply relaxed state of awareness where you can access your subconscious mind. This makes it easier to break down unhelpful thought patterns and replace them with thoughts that are realistic and beneficial.


Your brain is plastic so new neural patterns can grow as you prune out the ‘weeds’ (unhelpful ways of thinking) and make space for healthy growth (helpful ways of thinking). Because hypnotherapy uses  metaphor and positive suggestion, this can help engage your flexible, intellectual mind and motivate you towards making positive changes. Clients often attest to how motivated and uplifted they feel after their sessions.

Hypnotherapy for bereavement

Heartbreak can be the result of loss and bereavement. You can take positive steps to make the bereavement journey more manageable and help you attain a hopeful perspective so you can move forward. Hypnotherapy can help you find the tools and inner resources to do this; step by step.

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Emma Victoria Tranmer  MA (Hons) PGCE  DSFH  Clinical Hypnotherapist