Hypnotherapy for children

Are you concerned about your child?

I know how upsetting it can be when your child is struggling. Perhaps you have already tried to help, but nothing has worked to improve things. This can result in you feeling frustrated and powerless.

Children often respond very well to hypnotherapy. The hypnosis element is completely safe and natural. Because sessions are positive and solution focused, they encourage children to discover their inner strengths. There is no need to focus on the past or the problem. Instead, the emphasis is on how to move forward. In other words, children are encouraged to take positive steps to realise their goals.

Your child may be finding it hard to regulate their emotions

If left unchecked, excessive stress and anxiety can manifest itself in challenging behaviours. The Child Mind Institute explores this in more detail:


Anxiety can build up over time and then spill out in explosive ways. Children who are defiant and oppositional may be suffering from heightened anxiety.

How can hypnotherapy help?

In my hypnotherapy sessions I use the metaphor of having a full stress bucket. If stress levels keep building up this can cause the bucket to overflow. Because of this, we may feel overwhelmed and this can affect our ability to cope with life.

A key goal of solution focused hypnotherapy is to feel more confident and in control. Sessions include focused relaxation and visualisation. When practised regularly, this can lower anxiety and reduce negative thinking. Focusing more on the positives then becomes easier. When we feel calmer it can also be easier to respond to situations in more useful ways.

Disrupted or insufficient sleep

When we are not getting enough sleep, it can have a negative impact on many levels. For children, this can be particularly challenging. Lack of sleep can affect friendships, learning and participation in school life. It may also lead to irrational fears or obsessive behaviours.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can help your child reduce the anxiety which often causes sleep issues. As your child becomes calmer and happier,  it will become easier for them to feel confident and cope better in all situations.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD in children can manifest itself in various ways; from a fear of germs to obsessive rituals. These may include repetitive counting and re-checking things. Another sign may be experiencing recurring, intrusive thoughts. If you are worried or unsure about whether your child is struggling in this area, you may find this article useful:


Hypnotherapy addresses the underlying anxiety that can intensify obsessive and compulsive behaviours.

Nail biting and hair pulling

Learn more about these common childhood behaviours:


If left unchecked, they may even continue into adulthood. Hypnotherapy can be very helpful in breaking down potentially harmful habits and replace them with new ones that are beneficial.

Hypnotherapy can help children overcome a range of issues

I have supported many children as they take steps to feel happier. It is a pleasure to see them grow in confidence and feel proud of their achievements.

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