“I can highly recommend Emma’s Hypnotherapy sessions. With her calm manner and relaxing voice Emma is the perfect person to help you with any anxieties/phobias you may have. I was very sceptical about being ‘hypnotised’ at first but I found it was the perfect way to de-stress and to help alleviate any worries I may have had. After a session I would feel very relaxed and refreshed, ready to take on new challenges. I went to see Emma as I have a fear of flying and I feel that the sessions have helped to make me a more confident flyer. Emma has taught me how to focus on the positive aspects of life and also strategies to cope with daily stresses.”

Positive Change

“18 months after my husband died I felt that I needed a more positive, solution based therapy to take me on the next stages of the grieving process. Emma provided a calm, motivational space in which to explore positive actions that would, and did, change my mindset and allow me to make daily changes. I felt very comfortable with a therapy based on a scientific approach, mixed with solutions and actions aimed at providing me with the tools to look forward and make positive change.”


“I was recommended to Emma by a friend after suffering with cancer, a family bereavement and the stress of starting a new job in one year! I had bouts of low self -esteem and confidence and felt quite anxious. Emma put me at ease very quickly, I found that she explained the process of hypnotherapy clearly to me and found her very easy to talk to. Emma recommended specific forms of therapy to suit me. I was made to feel safe and relaxed and quickly saw results from the sessions. I am now feeling much more confident and calm – this now reflects in my day to day life and she has given me the tools to help me continue to be positive. I would highly recommend Emma and hypnotherapy. A very grateful client.”

Positive Change

“I found the whole process to be calming and purposeful. Time had proved that I was struggling to put thought into action, at both home and work. Emma showed me, with sensitivity, care and needed nudging, that I had the capacity to break this cycle. Each session enabled me to focus more purposefully on solutions as opposed to my usual inclination to dwell on problems/issues. After several difficult years I have renewed purpose and am mindful I can make/embrace positive changes.”


“I went to Emma with a specific problem but have found that, as well as helping with it, her care has had a massive, positive effect in every area of my life. Each session is structured in a way that is familiar but forward looking. I can honestly say hypnotherapy with Emma has changed me and shown me a path to happiness and inner peace.”


“If you need a soft gentle voice directing your thoughts into a positive direction, Emma is for you.
I am sceptic, a realist, a critic, and a person who carries around anxieties, just like everyone else, and I always wonder where I will find therapy that works for me.  After three sessions with Emma I know that she is helping.

The sessions are structured but encourage a natural outpouring. I trust the environment and importantly the person I am putting my trust into. What struck me about this full third session was Emma’s intuitiveness. Reflecting back to me my thoughts and words, I understood that she has excellent listening skills, and she evaluated what I said with great intelligence.

I realized that Emma follows her intuition to choose the therapy material that best suits her client for that particular moment in their life, and I was impressed with her real-time engagement, and accurate assessment of myself, the client, as an individual.  

Beneficially this work has calmed me, redirected my focus and allowed me to reconnect with self empowerment. There are no magic answers, life will always take work, but having a guide to remind me of my path and help me realize my most effective strategies really helps. Thank you Emma.”